What is shown here is identical to what is presented here, but the way to achieve it is different. Whether you choose to use the Chess game block with a PGN file (as presented below) or with a PGN text (as presented here) doesn’t matter, it’s up to you.

How to achieve this?

With the Gutenberg editor

Click on the Toggle block inserter button (a) in the top-left corner of the page/post editor. Select the Chess game block (b).

Click on the PGN file button (a), and open the media selection dialog by clicking on Upload or select media (b).

Upload a PGN file, or select a PGN file previously uploaded. Click on Select (a) to validate the selection.

A PGN file may contain several games, but the Chess game block can only display one game at a time. Use the Game index field (a) to define which game will be displayed: set 0 to display the first game of the file, 1 for the second game of the file, etc… If there is only one game in the PGN file, the Game index field (a) must be set to 0 (i.e. its default value).

The PGN file used in this example is available here: chess-game-examples.pgn.

With the classic editor

Use the [pgn][/pgn] shortcode to insert a chess game with the classic editor, with the url="..." attribute pointing at the URL of PGN file containing the chess game to display. If the PGN file contains several games, use the additional game=... attribute to define which one must be displayed. If there is only one game in the PGN file, the game=... attribute can be omitted.